Differences Between New England And The Southern Colonies

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In the mid 1700's, a German by the name of Gottlieb Mittelberger boarded a ship bound for the colonies. He had gained passage by signing off as an indentured servant. The trip a crossed the Atlantic Ocean was and awful journey. There was hardly any room on the ship, there were diseases by the dozen, the food was horrible, and there was hardly any fresh water. When the voyage had ended, Mittelberger had to wait to leave the ship until someone bought him as a servant. He, like most people, risked the voyage because of the great opportunities in the Americas. In both New England and the Southern Colonies, cattle and grain farming were big parts of the economy. There was also lots of forestry in both of these areas. The government for the most part in both of these regions was self governing. However, some of the colonies in New England and the south had self and King appointed governors. Most of the colonies had lots …show more content…

In the Southern Colonies, the major crops that were farmed were tobacco, cotton, and other cash crops. The crops were also grown on large plantations whereas, in New England the crops were grown on small farms. The economies of each region were also very different. The Southern Colonies focused mostly on farming but in New England, slave trade and lumber working were main sources of income. The climate of New England was also usually colder then the southern colonies since it was farther north. This different climate consisted of cold and even harsh snowy winters, and mild humid summers. In the south the climate was hot humid summers and only mild winters. The geography in the south was usually lowlands and wooded mountains, but in New England the geography was mainly sandy coasts and wooded hills. The religion in the southern colonies was mainly Catholics and Protestants while the religion in New England was for the most part

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