Differences Between The 13 Colonies And Great Britain

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At the time of the 1760's in the 13 Colonies, the life in the colonies was greatly better than in Great Britain. People had more freedom and rights, especially in religion at the time, but the country was developing. The colonies were fairly new, and was working becoming stronger and bigger, and at the time, the population was near 2 million, compared to Great Britain's, 6 million. The Colonies' government later became unfair and strict to the colonial people because, it was controlled by Great Britain, which possessed almost total control to the Colonist people. Each of the 13 colonies had a charter. A written agreement between each colony and the king of England or Parliament. There were three forms of charters - Royal Colonies, Charter …show more content…

But Great Britain basically controlled most the government and rights to the colonists. The 13 colonies became a problem starting in 1763. After the Seven Years War fought with Great Britain an France, costs of the war and maintaining an army will lead the British government to impose new taxes on its colonists, with world-shaking results. The Colonial people couldn’t do anything about it because, the British controlled the Government, which the King of England also controlled. Because of this, it greatly battered the people of the Colonies, because, they weren't very rich.
The economy in the Colonies was very crucial for the survival and growth. Trading, resources, imports, and exports were all key for the Colonies. Expediential wealth was never seen, trading and the economy was very important for the colonists just to get back and live. The economics in the 13 Colonies consisted of a system called mercantilism. This was believing that there was a limited source of wealth in the world, and the goal of being a mercantilist economy was to collect the most silver and gold at the expense of all the other nations. This was done by; trade, so by exporting manufactured goods and limiting the number of imports,

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