Differences Between The Articles Of Confederation And The Constitution

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How did this important document start? It all started back when the American Revolution encompassed two interrelated struggles, a colonial war for independence and a revolutionary struggle to change American government and society. Before 1787, the United States was not a strong government like today. Our national government was weak and each state operated as independent countries. During the American Revolution, congress felt the need for a stronger union, and a stronger government to defeat Great Britain. A year after America declared independence on July 4, 1776 congress had drafted the Articles on March 1, 1781 they ratified America’s first written constitution, The Articles of Confederation. The Confederation was still facing economic, political, and diplomatic problems. A group of men called the Nationalist decided to step in. They believed in stronger government to protect America’s interest and decided to meet in George Washington home back in Philadelphia. The delegates from the 13 states started to reform the…show more content…
The Articles of Confederation and the Constitution are similar in addressing the problems that were present at that moment. However, there is a significant number of differences. One of the main differences between the Articles and the Constitution is the way in which they set up the legislature. The Articles of Confederation are established as a unicameral legislature referring to the congress. The Constitution on the other hand, is established as a bicameral legislature with an upper and lower house, senate, and a House of Representatives. Each state under the Articles was allowed 1 vote per senate and 1 representative; the representative was determined by its population. To amend the Constitution under the Articles it was required an unanimous consent in contrast to the Constitution it was only required the approval of three-quarters of the
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