Representation In Spoke Alexander Hamilton

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Early American history consists of many debates amongst the writers of the American Constitution. Mainly due to the fact that the United States was a new territory and citizens had many fears in mind. The controversy over what exactly would be entitled into the document that would become the rule of the land was not nearly unified however, the men all agreed that the Articles of Confederation needed to be abolished by guidelines of better foundation. “Yet they were ‘neither fit for war nor peace,’” Spoke Alexander Hamilton. It was obvious at its surface that the Articles of Confederation were not going to carry out a strong independent nation for generations and generations to come. The new nation had many concerns for the developing nation; of which all needed to be addressed in the most unbiased way possible so that the thirteen inhabiting states would approve the replacing document with no overbearing controversy as to delay ratification. …show more content…

This issue was presented to the Federal Convention during the summer months of 1787; the idea of representation. How would each state be represented within the Legislative branch; by population size or equal representation? Also, how would slaves be counted within representation, if at all? These are the questions addressed during the convention regarding representation. The question of representation kept the delegates entangled in debates for weeks to come. One argument was just to remain under the representational aspect of the Articles of Confederation which declared, “…the states were equally represented in a unicameral Congress by delegates appointed by the state legislatures.” The remaining delegates believed that the articles were flawed in every aspect, including representation and there should be a new way of proceeding with representation of the states in the Legislature.

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