Differences Between World War 2 And Ww2

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Jamel Quattlebaum American People 2 How did the changes that took place in the united states during World War 1 compare to the changes that took place World War 2? Do you see similarities and differences? How would you explain the similarities and differences? After World War I and World War II the united states viewpoints on many things changed drastically for the better and worse. World war 1 was the first world war that started on July 1914. What lead to this war is when terrorists had assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand on June 28, 1914. Other causes of World …show more content…

On the contrary, World War II ended the economic downtrodden the United States was going through. The War put the United States economy back into motion as the unemployment rate dropped significantly as they put more Americans to work to help the war effort. We also see more women and African Americans helping in the actual war instead of just on the home front. Though, in both wars women helped out extensively we more so see them join the workforce in World War II. When it comes to World War I and World War II I do see some similarities and some differences between them. I would say when it came to World War I and World War II the way they fighting methods were used it was different from each other. With World War I the fighters were using more machine guns, poisonous gas, and etc. While oppose to World War II they were more using missiles and nuclear bombs they were using. Another difference between both wars is the way both World War I and World War II started. They way World War II started was because of Hitler wanting to conquer Europe and

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