Sonnet 30 And Breakeven Comparison Essay

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Breakeven is about a girl leaving a guy. She does 't like him anymore and meets a new person but he still loves her. That 's where the line "Cause when a heart brakes no it don 't breakeven" comes from. Because the guy still loves her so he has the bigger piece of the heart because he 's more broken then she is. Sonnet 30 is about a guy liking a girl but the girl doesn 't like him. He keeps trying to convince her but her heart gets 'colder" meaning she has less and less feeling for him. These two pieces of text are both alike in some ways and diferent in other ways. Three ways they are alike are the way it 's told, tone/mood, and the theme. On the other hand, the three ways they are different are the time, the relationship the guy and the girl have, and imagery.…show more content…
The first way these two are alike is the way it 's told. For example, in "Breakeven" it 's told in first person by a male. Also, in "Sonnet 30" it is told in first person by a male too. the way I know this is because in both, they talk about the girl not wanting to be with the guy. In "Breakeven" it says, "Her best days were some of my worst she finally met a man that 's gonna put her first". This line says that the days she was happy he wasn 't. I think that means that the days she was happy, she was with somebody else. So whenever she was with somebody else he wasn 't because he was still in love with her. In "Sonnet 30" it says, "How comes it then that this her cold so great is not dissolved through my so hot desire". This line questions why his desire for her is not dissolved. In other words, Why is she not giving in to him when he loves her so
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