Different Perspectives And Analysis On The Florida Caverns

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Caverns, what a mystery. We all may have seen pictures of them, heard about them, even visited and walked inside of them before. As our eyes lay upon such wonder, we always have questions popping up in our minds. How are they formed? What are they made out of? Well both poet Charles Cottingham, and geologist, Robert O. Vernon have their own perspectives and analysis on the Florida caverns themselves. Yes their writing styles may be totally different since one is a poet and the other is a scientist, but what they write is similar in their ways and different in their ways factually. Caverns come in many shapes and sizes. Now most people may assume and think that caverns are made by humans, but it is quit the opposite. According to Cottingham and Vernon, from the poem, Florida Caverns, and the article, A Nature-Made Wonderland, they state that Florida caverns are formed and made by nature. Depending on the environment it is formed in, determines its appearance. Florida caverns are formed from hard shells from the sea, states Robert O. Vernon. When Cottingham explains how they are formed, he uses figurative language and does not quite go into depth on how they are made. In lines 4 and 5 in the poem, Charles Cottingham tells the …show more content…

In the poem and the article, they state that in the caverns, different columns in many sizes are formed on the inside. According to lines 9-14, Charles Cottingham say that the columns are in the shape of various flutes and come in many different colors and sizes. On the other hand, the article explains that they columns are more like ice-icicles hanging from the ceiling of the caverns from some how "grow" from the ground like plants. The smaller ones tend to hang from the ceiling and the heavier ones project from the floor. They support the rocks and passage ways above them that open into many different

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