Travails In Self Identity Analysis

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Because of her illicit love affair and traditional patriarchal set up, Virmati is entrapped in a psychological dilemma about her family status, traditional norms, her engagement with canal engineer Indrajit, her illicit love and her desire for education. The pressure of family expectations and her own aspiration makes her depressed. Virmati becomes aware that if she thinks about her family’s reputation, she has to sacrifice her love and aspirations. Her confusion grows and suffering too. She does not want to marry the canal engineer, she protests her family and tells them let Indumati (her younger sister) be married with him. Virmati becomes bold enough to cancel her marriage which is a very big thing in the traditional society. She becomes…show more content…
Sudha Shree in his article “Difficult Daughters: Travails in Self Identity” aptly describes Virmati’s struggle in her life in the following words: Virmati, The protagonist rebels against tradition, yet she is filled with self-doubt she pleads for studying further and postponement of her marriage. She attempts suicide, when forced with protests of marrying the canal engineer. The family brands her to be restless, sick and selfish and locks her up. (Shree 165) Shree’s observation focuses Virmati’s struggle in the male dominated society. For her search of own space in the society, she rebels against tradition, cancels her marriage and gets isolated in the process. Her family locks her in a room instead of understanding her feelings and her love for the professor. In this context, Maneeta Kalhon’s observation is noteworthy to focus on Virmati’s situation because of family’s ignorance towards her feelings. She observes, “Virmati is caught between family and romantic love. Her family has been shown to be taking all the important decisions of her life on her behalf, still they don’t understand her love for the professor.” (Kalhon 3) The comment by Kalhon explores that Manju Kapur has depicted the very Indian family’s mentality towards women in the

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