Dimensions By Alice Munro Summary

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Analysis of Dimensions Already as a child, we all posses the circumstance of being irresponsible, and being addicted to someone else. In most cases it’s our parents, who we are addicted to. Throughout childhood, they have always been the pillars of our lives. They were the ones who made the decisions, who knew all the answers, even though we would disagree with them at times. In Alice Munro’s short story, “Dimensions”, we follow a young woman, and her addiction to her husband. The theme is of course dependence/independence as we go by the main character’s development, from being dependent, to become independent. We as readers get dragged very deep into the characters and their circumstances, as the narrator is a third-person narrator. This …show more content…

The climax of this story is based on the tragic event, which takes place in a Canadian home. The family, which lives in the house, consists of Lloyd, the husband, with his wife, Doree and their three children. The use of flashbacks weaves the past events and circumstances to the subsequent actions. This "shift" happens after the tragic event is revealed. Throughout the story, Munro has been preparing us for the tragic event, and when we read the “It got worse, gradually”, we feel the curiosity growing. It follows up by a lot of irony, which in many cases makes the reader to re-read - for instance when Lloyd says, "Think of the children", or another example would be Lloyds telephone conversation with Maggie after he had murdered the children (the tragic event). Throughout the text, Munro makes it very clear that Lloyd is a cruel man. Munro is quite relentless in turning the reader against Lloyd, and just when you think there could not be anything worse he could do to earn our condemnation (murdering his own kids with his bare hands), Munro astounds the reader with the line, "You brought it all on

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