Directing Plan For Oasis Buchanan Galleries Store

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The lighting within a retail environment is closely related to the atmospherics of the store (Custers et al 2010). As well as this it is a key tool for influencing consumer purchase intentions (Quartier et al 2008). The lighting plan for the Oasis Buchanan Galleries store is well thought out with these factors in mind. Oasis has a varied number of lighting fixtures all of which contribute to the overall atmosphere of the store. The primary lighting is split into three main blocks which highlight the three zones the customer will pass through and function as the overall lighting as well as a guide for customers moving through the store (Tucker 2003). The secondary lighting has a much more varied palette that works to accent certain key areas …show more content…

Unlike Oasis, Ted Baker has higher ceilings which they can use to make features of the lighting. A modern chandelier light fitting hangs above the entrance to the store drawing customers in from the outside. The lighting fixtures that run from the beginning of the store to the back create a clear path for customers to follow. The quirkiness of the brand is reflected in the lighting plan with a number of accent lights highlighting the glass cabinets that line the walls, as well as the variation in light fixtures. The neon bird light fittings and hanging multi-coloured lights this draw customers attention through the use of different colours and textures and compliment the brands identity and the Ted Baker products. Effective display lighting with Ted Baker will catch the eye of the consumer away from the busy wall displays and direct the eye instead towards the product (Pegler 2003). This attention to detail within the lighting plan allows Ted Baker to enhance the value of its brand (Godey et al …show more content…

Therefore the music selected by Oasis to play in their stores is an important factor in their visual merchandising plan. The music played in the store reflects the homely and comfortable atmosphere created using other atmospheric tools such as lighting and furniture. Playing music at a soft level of noise ensures the customers can feel comfortable to browse the store at a leisurely pace (Broekemier et al, 2008). Playing music that will be enjoyed by the target market is also important; a study by Vida, 2008 found that “the greater the perceived music fit, the more positive shoppers’ evaluative judgments will be of merchandise”(pg24). The music played in Oasis in Buchanan Galleries featured artists such as Mumford & Sons, Lana Del Ray and Ben Howard – popular artists with a quirk who are not too loud or fast to deter consumers from shopping in store. This shows the brands coherence between understanding its identity and that of their

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