Disability Labeling Thesis

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Disability labels are used by many professionals as an important unit of the special education process. This is mainly in large regard to how it is conducted in the United States. However, the ordered mandate use of disability labels has been criticized by many parents, schools, and child advocacy groups around the country which have strong concerns due to the unintended, latent, negative repercussions that tend to come from disability labeling (Bernstein, 1976).

Disability labeling identifies informative definitions which are used to determine eligibility requirements for education(Bradley, Danielson, Doolittle, ,2005). One large concern relating to disability labeling is the risk for such labels to cause the children to
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Disability labels fail to represent the child’s unique strengths and detailed limitations. Labels also fail to recognize the severity of the disability. It is crucial for parents, teachers, and members of community to be aware and are educated properly over the critical downfalls of slapping labels on children. Many disability labels are actually very unreliable. Educational evaluation is filled with quirks. Different States use different criteria for the same categories. A lot of evaluational instruments tend to have questionable validity and or reliability. Also many label can become trendy at times. One year a particular label seem more prevalent than any other times based on its popularity at the time. Parents, teachers, and community should take action and work diligently to see to it that all children are treated as an individual all with their own different needs, strengths, and unique qualities. Parents, as the voice for their children, play a crucial part in guiding and helping to insure that labels need never to define their child and make it a deciding factor to their education. Parents must do their own research as to what is best for that particular child and their situation. Parents and teachers must make it a point to always emphasize the child's abilities and strengths and grown on that, along with their disabilities. It is also important for teachers and…show more content…
Every child will grow different, learn different, and just be different from one another. We owe it to all children to break the stigma that goes along with disability labeling.

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