Disabilities Jaziah Shipp Analysis

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Jaziah Shipp

I have experienced being under many labels. With all of these labels the excruciating painful times were harder when I was just finding out that I was adopted wondering “do my birth parents even love me”, “who is my real parent”, and “why didn’t she want me”. When I was in elementary school I was labeled with a speech disability. School became a big issue in my life. I was so hurt when I had to present in front of the class. Students would make fun of me but what left a laceration on my heart, mind, and soul was when my teachers would say “you will never make it” and “you are retarded”. Teachers would exclude me from activities because they thought I wasn’t smart enough. Have you ever been lost and hurt at the same time? I was hurt and lost at the same time. Their words …show more content…

I have been in this group for 5 years now and when I perform no one would ever know that I had a “speech difficulty”. I have performed not only all around Cleveland, not only have I performed all across America but I have also performed all the way in France for students, ambassadors, and even delegates. I am not trying to boast, I am trying to say that only you can label yourself. Last year I had the opportunity to be a part of the FBI’s FAIT (Future Agents In Training) program, I have been in the newspaper and even on the news multiple times. I created my own group where I teach youth who has been labeled with a “disability” how to dance. My dance group is going on its second year and we have already been on America’s Got Talent. I am apart of many groups such as QUAAD (quality urban alliance approaching destiny), CADCA (community anti-drug coalitions of America), anti-bullying groups and so much more. I want to leave a mark on the world to show that “the only disability that one might have is the one that makes them think they have one”-Jaziah

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