The Short Bus Jathon Mooney Analysis

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The Short Bus: A Journey Beyond Normal by Jonathon Mooney portrayed the real meaning behind the definition of “normal”. Throughout Jonathon’s life, he suffered from the denial of teachers, family members, and himself when it came to his academic success. Despite the odds, he overcame his label of “learning disabled” and graduated from Brown University with a 4.0 GPA. Many other students labeled with a disability also suffer from the same aspects as Jonathon. In his book, Jonathon showed the mistreatment that not only he experienced in school, but he also showed how others struggled with an unsupportive school system. After college, Jonathon decided that he wanted to change the meaning of “learning disability” by taking back the symbol of his school days that segregated him from the other students: the short bus. …show more content…

He shared the stories of a wide variety of people while he embarked on a journey across the country in a short bus. By revealing the common issues and judgment within society, Jonathon’s book advocated for the people who have any sort of disability, and he brought to light the beauty of each difference. For those who would want to learn about the thoughts and feelings of people who have experienced rejection because of a label, Jonathon Mooney’s book would be an excellent selection because of the real accounts and stories. The book offered an emotional connection that other texts could not provide. Therefore, The Short Bus: A Journey Beyond Normal should be a common read for everyone in order to learn about the real accounts of people labeled as having learning

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