Skin Implants: Pros And Cons

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Barring unexpected death we will all grow old, that is a fact which cannot contend with. As we grow older our bodies start to undergo certain changes; our hearing starts to fail, our sights begin to dim and our joints may start to ache. Basically, the body begins to fail at things it easily carries out when we were younger.
One of the changes that do happen to people as they age is the development of sunken cheeks. For many, this is an inevitable aspect of aging. Sunken cheeks come as a result of the body's reduction in the production of collagen and subcutaneous fat. Collagen is the ingredient responsible for maintaining healthy skin; this includes skin elasticity and plumpness. The subcutaneous fat refers to the subdermal fat responsible …show more content…

Cheek implant:
This is another permanent treatment option for sunken cheek. Cheek implant involves the implantation of body safe implants made from flexible silicone so as to add volume to the recessed area of the cheek. This will add volume to the cheek and increase the projection of the cheekbones.
One of the major pros of cheek implant is that it can be easily removed if the patient is not pleased with the work. The procedure is simple and less risky. The con, however, is that like any other surgical procedure cheek implant requires a recovery period and most people experience slight discomfort for about a week following the surgery.
The average cost of this procedure is $2,823.
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Collagen stimulator is another treatment option and a veritable alternative to soft tissue fillers. Made from synthetic lactic acid, these stimulators can help the body restore its collagen tissue, giving a natural and elastic appearance.
One of the major pros of collagen stimulators is that it last longer. It is more expensive than soft tissue fillers.
Facial Exercises and Home Remedies
For those who may be uncomfortable with needles or going under the knife, facial exercises and home remedies may be your next option. Some people prescribe that filling your mouth with air and holding it closed can help to tighten sagging facial skin. But the question is; do they really work? There is little scientific proof to back up facial exercise potency. What is known, however, is that facial exercises burn calories, which could burn the few fats cells that you have left in your cheek.
For home or natural remedies, ingredients such as vitamin C, antioxidant and hyaluronic acid are claimed to have the ability to boost collagen production, which would lead to a more plump face. Moisturizers that are high in fatty acids, such as shea butter, are also believed to help skin elasticity.

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