Dermaplane Facial Benefits

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Who doesn 't love a facial? Facials are both relaxing and rejuvenating, and even a DIY facial can be relaxing and beneficial. However, no do-it-yourself facial can compare to enjoying a Dermaplane facial at your favorite medical spa to renew and rejuvenate skin.

A Dermaplane facial provides exfoliation by an experienced aesthetician who gently scrapes away the top layer of your skin using a scalpel. It is painless and safe, and leaves your skin feeling clean, clear, bright and smooth. It takes only about 30 minutes and you will leave feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

Dermaplane facials are non-invasive and a safe way to rejuvenate skin. You may see a slight redness or dryness following your facial, but this will quickly dissipate. You can use a …show more content…

There are many benefits to a Dermaplane facial. If you have fairly recent acne scars, they will be noticeably reduced. Fine lines will disappear. That annoying soft peach fuzz that continues to trap dirt and oil will be gone and you will be left with a totally smooth face. You will see immediate results and you will have no down time as you have with other types of facials.

Dermaplane facials even out skin tones and helps to restore and enhance your skin 's natural complexion. You will notice that your skin care products penetrate your skin more thoroughly after a Dermaplane facial, and your makeup goes on more smoothly. They are beneficial for maturing skin which sometimes tend to have a buildup of dead cells, and also is helpful for those with dry or rough skin.

A Dermaplane facial is a good choice for people with sensitive skin and/or fine facial hair. Facial hair will actually come back softer following your facial. Dermaplane facials are also helpful for people with rosacea, facial veins or facial redness.


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