Cypress Tree Research Paper

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Cypress Oil- The eternal oil First let us begin with the basic meaning of cypress. What is cypress? Cypress is a tree found in the Coniferous and Deciduous regions. Though it is quite often linked with mortality, the use of the essential oil derived from this tree can cure many conditions. It is a tree which has been associated with aromatic, beneficial, and calming oil that it produces. It is extremely rich in essential oil with gives many benefits. A little about Cypress oil Cypress essential oil is extracted from the steam distillation of the branches, twigs, needles, and stems of the Cypress tree. This oil has a fresh, woody, mild aroma. It has a very calming effect. This oil is enriched with numerous medicinal properties. Benefits of this oil…show more content…
9) Hepatic: This oil also has hepatic properties which mean it helps with your liver problems and gives you good health by treating them. It regulates proper discharge of acidic bile which gets formed in your liver and also prevents your liver from constricting many kinds of infections. 10) Sedative: As mentioned earlier, this oil has a calming, balancing effect. It gives emotional, spiritual, psychological, and physical relief. It relaxes body, mind, and your soul. It pacifies people who are having anxiety attacks, are stressed, and also keeps them happy by calming them. 11) Relieves pain: When massaged over affected areas of your body, it also provides relief from all kinds of body pains and spasms. It also helps in providing relief to menstrual cramps in women. 12) Hair tonic: It also helps in boosting hair growth and clearing oily scalp. It provides you with great hair care. 13) Other benefits: • Helps in treating scars and other marks on your skin • Also acts as a mosquito repellent • Provides relief when you are having a headache • Helps with burning sensation and redness on the
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