Disadvantages Of Non Profit Organizations

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The Non-Profit Organizations, I have chosen is the Hispanic Scholarship Fund. Most negative characteristic perception of the organization will be that only Hispanic person can apply for this scholarship, leaving the rest of the world, out like if they didn't exist. Another negative aspect of this non-Profit organization will be that you need a minimum GPA requirement, any students that need a university or college funds that want to apply to college or university can't do with this requirement is stopping them from studying cause they have a low income, but the GPA requirement isn't has high as it supposed to be. My finding wasn't having difficult has I thought it will be it was more of a simple and straight to the point task. Their main goal is to build a coalition of corporate and philanthropic partners and a nation committed to increasing Hispanic degree attainment.Ensure every Hispanic household in the U.S. has at least one college graduate, inspiring and mentoring others in the family and community.Increase Hispanic degree attainment based on changing Hispanic demographics. (HSF,1975). Supporting Achievements like 36 HSF Scholar Chapters on college campuses nationwide,1st year retention workshops for transfer planning support and graduate school preparation,HSF Alumni Network with over 60,000 former and …show more content…

Also maybe trying to lower the GPA requirement for students that want to attend college or University to help them out in some way. This will give the opportunity to many more students out in the world to continue to study and not give up just cause of their ethnicity, it will develop a different aspect and let more students into different fields to purse a career no matter was their GPA score or if they are Hispanic or not, the only thing that matters is the talent and the willpower to student an achieving

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