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Discussion Board Forum 2 Case Study Martin has decided to retire after he spent many years as a deputy police officer in a small town in North Carolina and as a detective in Raleigh. During his years as an officer of the law and order, he deiced to invest in some properties in the state. One of the properties is in the blue ridge mountains in North Carolina and the other real estate is on the North Carolina coast. The real property at the mountain was purchased 31 years ago as a joint tenancy with a right of survivorship with his friends. The second property located on the North Carolina coast is been taken by eminent domain by city authorities to make space for new development and business around the area. In his way to enjoy his retirement, there are some several issues that Martin has run into with his properties and his stolen vehicle. Serving as Martin’s attorney I will look at this issues and study very careful the mechanism provides it by the state to address the rights he has in this situation per the law. As his brother in Christ, I will help Martin to look at his …show more content…

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. If we begin to put things and materials possessions before God, we move farther away from the presence of Gods and closer to lives with sin. We should transfer our attention to God and leave behind any desire for materials possessions that do nothing good for our society. God provides us with blessings and opens the door for us to receive those material possessions while seeking the spiritual goal of being more and more like

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