Sfc Picart Case Summary

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1. Summary: I find SFC Picart, Gregory liable for the loss of property valued at $78,415.72. The property identified in the DD 200 is no longer accountable, as a result of SFC Picart’s failure to maintain positive control of government equipment. Therefore, I assess his actions as simple negligence, as senior NCO (i.e. previous hand receipt holder) demonstrated by his blatant disregard of the Army CSPD property accountability protocols/measures. As such accountability documentation (sub hand receipts), improper custodial transfer of equipment and failure to conduct routine inventories has directly attributed to the loss of the aforementioned government property. 2. Overview: a. Fact 1: A joint inventory was conducted by CPT Reid and SFC Picart in July and …show more content…

SFC Picart had exclusive access to and control of the equipment and other causes could not be determined, he may be presumed to have caused the loss by not issuing a sub-hand receipted in pursuant to AR 735-5, paragraph 2-8a (4) or AR 710–2, para 2–10.) d. SFC Picart’ s actions prove that he failed to maintain custodial property accountability, supervisory responsibility and substantiates personal negligence by allowing personnel to compromise access and remove equipment without establishing the chain of custody in pursuant to AR 735-5, paragraph 2-8a (4) and AR 710–2, para 2–10. There is no evidence of theft. e. Approximately one (1) month later an inventory determined that 9 equipment sets were missing. The only proof that the chain of custody was broken when SFC Picart compromised access to the equipment allowing personnel to remove equipment from the storage location without being properly hand/sub-hand receipted. The records indicate that the equipment sets have not been issued or hand receipted to anyone. f. I also conclude that in the course of the investigation there were numerous 25 series Soldiers assisting with 67th Rear D equipment turn in that could not be identified (Exhibit

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