Disney Princesses In Disney Movies

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Many people believe Disney princesses can alter a child’s perspective about his or her self. The way princesses act and what they wear both affect children’s state of mind. The essay “Girls on Film: The Real Problem with the Disney Princess Brand” by Monika Bartyzel claims that the image of Disney princesses changes the way both children and society feel about women. The author shows her credibility with the type of sources she uses to support her argument. The sources she uses are from a New York Times article, a psychotherapist, and A Mighty Girl cofounder. The author’s ethos is effective as she chose sources that are reliable and the least likely to be “fake news”. It confirms that Bartyzel heavily researched her topic and selected the best quotes to support her claim. Bartyzel also shows her knowledge of the subject by stating how each Disney princess has been changed to fit the common stereotype of beauty. She recognizes that in the movies, the characters slightly realistic, but once they become redesigned they look unrealistic with “liposuction and rib removal” (Bartyzel 469). The author examined each princess and their change to explain to the reader, how even …show more content…

She reminds the reader that in the movie Brave, Merida did not want to conform to the typical princess stereotype, but instead wanted to be fearless and adventurous. When Merida becomes reimagined by Disney Princess line, she now wears a body-hugging dress, has tame hair, and a full face of makeup-everything that Merida was against. The author states that, “Instead of celebrating the fiery spirit…Disney chose to do the opposite” (Bartyzel 469). Disney doesn’t embrace Merida’s free spirit but smothers it and displays her as another submissive princess. The author also gives other examples of Disney princesses that have been transformed to fit the typical princess

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