Dixie Gray Marching Band: A Short Story

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I remember when I was running around a coffee table in my living room in my house when I was 6 and I was told to stop by my dad several times but since I was sort of young I didn 't understand and I kept going. Then suddenly I fell and at first I didn 't think anything happened but then when I touched my lip I realized that I was bleeding a lot from the lip. That 's when the pain kicked in. I started panicking and crying. My dad took me and got the car ready to take me to the hospital. When we got to the surgery room it took 2 doctors, mom, dad, and a nurse to hold me down because that 's how much it hurt. But I just kept squirming and squirming so it kind of made it worse. It also made it a little bigger so my scar is really visible. But eventually I stopped squirming and everything was alright. Finally it was over and everyone was happy that it got done. If it hadn 't got done then I could either bled out or I could of had very, very bad lips. That could have affected me in playing in the “Mexico Dixie Gray Marching Band” like I do today. I now have a scar in the right bottom corner of my lip because of it. The scar …show more content…

So that is the story of that event in my life. It was a hard event that took place in my life but what is life without the struggle right? You always have to be prepared for what 's to come in life whether that may be your mom dying or your pets dying (bad things). To your first ATV or your first visit to a state fair or a world fair in that matter (good things). What about your first job or your first car or for instance your first marriage. (also good things). These are all very important things in life and I hope if these ever occur to me I hope they will be challenging and be very interesting all at the same time. Even though many of this stuff has already occurred to me. These are the events that make your life just a little bit more interesting and will shape my life for the future to come someday

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