Narrative Essay On Marching Band Leadership

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Easy to encounter, not so easy to overcome, failures claw at hopes and successes. They bring down those who are weak enough to let them in. They strengthen those that can get past them. I got past one that almost ruined my chances for new opportunities. At the end of junior year, a majority of the upperclassmen band members send in applications to become the next leaders of the band during marching season. These leaders are the role models that, as an upcoming senior, I intended to join. I couldn’t understand how I couldn’t get it. I spent hours after performances unloading supplies. I had perfect attendance for every afterschool practice since freshmen year and always turned everything in on time. Even when it was off season I was helping in every way I could like volunteering for band camps that taught little kids how to play the french horn. There was not a doubt in my mind that I wouldn’t get it. With that, I turned in my application as soon as I could. The list of leaders was posted the next week and I could hardly wait. I remember when he put it up, as I was waiting there and was one of the firsts to …show more content…

I was only a few days in when I stepped back and noticed something, all the leaders were missing out on other opportunities. They were consumed with responsibilities and so narrow minded towards band that most of them were missing the fun times outside of their narrow vision. When they were given new opportunities outside of band they mostly ignored them because they only had one thing on their mind. It made me realize that all the duties I’ve done for band had given me more opportunities to be a new different leader around the school. By not being a leader in the band I was allowed to see them. I was offered a position on the Academic counsel that I might have said no to if I was too fixated on band. The failure had allowed me to learn to be not so fixated on one

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