Does One Make Sense Of Class

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How does one make sense of “Class”? That is the question! Yet, the answers lie within the beholder. When I think about the question, I am led to think about the philosophies that I have acquired throughout life that intermittently supports me in comprehending societal logics. In doing so, I merely place my belief system, thoughts and perceptions aside and position myself as if I were within the shoes of other(s) mentally and physically to get the full effects of their logical explanations as to how and why those that have a lot have no compassion for others that have so little. Although, we live in a world where there is adequate resources to go around. Yet, we live in a selfish nation of wealthy takers that believed for many centuries that it’s all about them. These attitudes (give to the rich and take from the poor) were inherited from the beginning of time, during the days of slavery when there was free labor and only the wealthy benefited. …show more content…

The time to talk about class, to know where we stand, is now—before it is too late, before we are all trapped in place and unable to change our class or our nation’s fate. More and more, our nation is becoming class-segregated. The poor live with and among the poor—confined in gated communities without adequate shelter, food, or health care— the victims of predatory greed. More and more poor communities all over the country look like war zones, with boarded-up bombed-out buildings, with either the evidence of gunfire everywhere or the vacant silence of unsatisfied hunger.” (Hooks

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