Domenica Santolina Doone

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Domenica Santolina Doone, a quiet but observant girl, has a lot on her hands because of her troubled nomadic family. She is suddenly “kidnapped” by her aunt and uncle to an beautiful international school in Switzerland. Here, Dinnie makes lots of different friends and discovers all the"bloomabilities", or possibilities in life. This is a inspirational story about an ordinary but fascinating girl and her growth throughout a year.

After reading this book, my perspective on life changed a little bit. Sharon Creech, the author of this marvelous novel, captured Dinnie’s growth really well. She starts off as a slightly negative girl who just wants to be normal. But after she meets Guthrie, a positive and enthusiastic boy that’s the opposite of her, Dinnie changes for the better. His personality rubs off on her and she begins to see that life in Switzerland is not all just suffering, it could also be …show more content…

According to my inference from evidence in the text, carefree and silly Guthrie has the most EQ, emotional intelligence in the book. He knows exactly how to persuade Lila, the character with the most complex backstory and the harshest attitude to back down and do the right thing. While Dinnie tried to stop Lila by urging her desperately, he just used reverse psychology and manipulated Lila, without her even finding out. This shows that Guthrie is not just the simple boy he acts like, he understands human nature very well. I wonder why he doesn’t behave more seriously around his friends and only breaks down when he’s alone. On the ski trip, when everyone was mentally stressed, Guthrie didn’t break down openly like others, he went back his room and cried. He also lost his mom at a young age. Guthrie didn’t once tell Dinnie or anyone in the school, as far I know, about it, despite being on close terms. Why does he keep a happy face put on all the time? Is he not used to confessing

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