Domestic Violence In 'No Visible Bruises'

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In “No Visible Bruises,” Snyder uses the stories of domestic abusers and their victims to help describe the trends of domestic violence throughout the years along with focusing on how these cases can escalate before anyone notices(even the victims themselves).
In Part One of the book, The main story is about Rocky, Michelle, and their families. Rocky murdered Michelle and their two children(then proceeds to kill himself). Snyder explains their childhoods, Rocky’s traumatic childhood(divorced parents and moving to a new area), along with aspects of their marriage(and abuse escalation) until Rocky murders them. While inspecting their marriage/pasts, we see how Rocky slowly isolated Michelle from the world, used their kids to keep her in the marriage, and how when she tried to leave/ press charges she got drug back into the marriage. “They don’t quit. They stay in abusive marriages …show more content…

Part 2 focuses on prison systems(such as RSVP) that break gender norms and teach men/domestic violence abusers intimacy and break the trend of men being born violent. Jimmy is a prime example of how the system can change an abuser's life. He went from sexualizing and abusing women to giving back and teaching others in the program to change their lives. The program breaks down every aspect(language, posture, etc) of the abusers abusing their victims, then uses this information to see where the abuser went wrong and how to fix it so that he does not end up back there. Throughout this program, you see how easy it is for abusers to manipulate their victims with just words and blame. On page 115, the book talks about how men are proud of their masculinity and like to brag to their friends about abusing women. This can also correlate to masculinity and how if they show other men, they have control of women they look more powerful and “are owed

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