Rhetorical Analysis Of Jackson Katz's Ted Talk

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In Jackson Katz’s Ted Talk, “Violence Against Women – it’s a Man’s Issue”, he argues that men are bystanders to the violence that happens and believes that men should speak up against this violence. To support his arguments, Katz states his credibility and the work that he and his colleague has done. To add-on, Katz made examples on how it’s easy to manipulate simple sentence structures and the violence that occurred. Similarly, he gives analogies that this violence affects men, not just women. Katz effectively uses logical arguments using what’s very common to support his argument. Ending with a note that it’s important for men to stand up and speak up. He appeals to ethos with his credibility and giving a few of his work. He appeals to pathos as he looked at all the perspective a person might and was reasonable with the audience, creating an effective argument. Lastly, his arguments were supported with logos as his gave analogies and brought up …show more content…

For example, Katz states that he’s an educator and wanted to share the work of one his colleague, feminist linguist, Julia Penelope. In the video, Katz made a successful presentation on a white board about how it’s easy to manipulate basic English sentence to make it sound like it’s all about the victim, but what about the abuser? Bringing up credibility and stating an example of a work builds his ethos as this gives audience a sense of reliability of his talk. To add on, Katz further mentions his leadership program that he and has colleague has worked in sports culture and US military about the bystander approach to gender-violence prevention. We all know the bystander-approach and how it’s ineffective. This gives the audience a reason to trust Katz because he has shared that experience with the audience and furthers his arguments that men needs leadership to speak up against

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