Don Pedro Character Analysis

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Not only does Don Pedro seem to be the mastermind in my specific performance scene, but he seems to be the mastermind throughout the entire play as a whole from the start till the end where everything is revealed. Don Pedro functions more as a relatively strong mastermind because of his strong ability to have his peers around him follow his instructions, even when it was all a trick. Don Pedro, who was called “Prince” sometimes, is definitely the most socially powerful character in the play. He is always constantly wrapped up in some type of scheme or another. He’s also the one that sweet talks Hero on behalf of Claudio, and finally, he is also the mastermind of the big plot to trick Benedick and Beatrice back into loving each other. Not only …show more content…

Instead, Don Pedro sees that he’s hiding and decides that this was the perfect time to go with his plan, so he and Claudio start talking in louder voices saying that they have just found out that Beatrice has fell in love with Benedick. We even see a line in this conversation of Benedick in shock of what he is hearing and can’t believe that this is true. “Hath she made her affection known to Benedick? “ “No, and swears she never will. That’s her torment.” “It were good that Benedick knew of it by some other, if she will not discover it. And he should, it were an alms to hang him. She’s an excellent sweet lady, and out of all suspicion she is virtuous.” “And she is exceeding wise.” “In every thing but in loving Benedick.” (Act 2, Scene 3). At this point, Benedick is very shocked, but to make the story a little more realistic, Don Pedro and Claudio go on to talk about how good of a girl Beatrice really is and how foolish it would be for Benedick to do nothing about it. Don Pedro, obviously is the mastermind of the entire plan and puts his and Claudio’s scheme into effect at the perfect time when they notice him

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