Lust In Romeo And Juliet

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“I certainly don’t believe in love at first sight. I definitely believe in a lot of chemistry and lust at first sight. I believe that love is something that takes work.” - Amanda Peet, American Actress ( With this quote Amanda Peet is telling us that people don’t really fall in love at first sight, they are falling into lust. Romeo and Juliet were two of the many victims of lust. They fell in love with looks, not the heart. In Shakespeare 's Romeo and Juliet, the two main characters are not really in love because they are quiet about their love, they are immature, and they are strangers. First, Romeo and Juliet are not truly in love because they are quiet about their love. For example, Romeo says “Tybalt, the reason that I have …show more content…

Not much sooner than Romeo and his friends enter the party, Romeo says to a servant, “ What lady is that, ...?” (1.5.40-41). Romeo is already asking about Juliet. He doesn 't know her at all so that means that he is lusting. Right now he only likes her because of her looks. He moves on from Rosaline and is already interested in Juliet. He totally rebounds from her and is falling for Juliet. Also, Juliet is immature in relationships because she says, “I will not fail; 'tis twenty years till then” (2.2.171). She basically says that she will send servants but that it will feel like twenty years until Nurse brings back news from Romeo, about the wedding. Readers see in this excerpt that Juliet is dramatic which shows everyone that she is juvenile. She is ready to marry the first boy that comes along. She doesn 't know who else is out there. She is only 13 and already looking to become Romeo’s wife. Both Romeo and Juliet are immature, which tells readers that they are not really in love. It is also known that these two star-crossed lovers were foreign to one …show more content…

We see that they are inexperienced in love because they make quick decisions. Also, they are strangers. They only know each other for a very short time before they decide to get married. Lastly, it is known that they were silent about their relationship. Since they didn’t tell anyone about their marriage, they couldn 't really be in love. They were so caught up in the moment and in what they thought was love. This lust between the two characters led to death for both of them. Romeo and Juliet were not genuinely in love and should not be considered an example of

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