Douglass: Wordsworth Vs. Dunbar

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In the poems "London, 1802" and "Douglass", although written 100 years apart, they described freedom fighters that fought for justice and equality. Although, the poems differ int he way they are structured and the style that they are written in, both poems were able to commemorate these politcical figures for their important contributions in unique and difficult situations. At first glance, the poems written by Wordworth and Dunbar have many similarities in structure and organization. Both of the poems start off with commemoration of important figures in the past, describe the source of trouble and the poems both end with highlights of the two freedom fighter 's characteristics. The similariteies between the two extend beyond stucture, it goes onto the imagery also. In wordsworth 's poem, a sense of urgency begins to arise as one contunues too delve deeper into the poem. It can be seen from the beginning where " Milton! thou shouldst be living at this hour..." this depicts a cry of help and urgency. …show more content…

"Ah Douglass, we have fall 'n on evil days" Dunbar is able to add in a sigh at the beginning of this phrase. the sigh creates a feeling of regret and has a reminiscent feeling to it. Dunbar is able to create a poem that uses imagery in a lyrical way, where as i "London, 1802" the poem had a cry for help in it. Dubar 's poems is more like a rememberance fo the "loneley dark". For instance, Dubar describes the US as "not ended then, the passionate ebb and flow..." This paints a clear picture of the metaphor of a boat coming back to and fro. The image leaves the reader having a sense of hoplessness and lonlieness. Whereas, Wordsworth describes the ocean in more of a list-like format. Wordsworth is able to get straight to the point and point out the issues: war, the church, home. The sense of activity is ironic seeing as that this is how Wordsworth sees straight waters", while Dunbar;s more

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