Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde Good Vs Evil

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Robert Louis Stevenson’s The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is a novella introducing the jubilant, outgoing Doctor Henry Jekyll and the mysterious, deformed Edward Hyde in their story of confusing scenarios. The story is influenced by a mysterious and frightening dream Stevenson had, from this he developed the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. This novella is a representation of the battle of good versus evil that one can acquire with one’s self, Dr. Jekyll represents the good and Mr. Hyde represents the evil. Having a wicked side and a good side is challenging because if in distress or confusion, it is easier to become mean, it’s necessary to control these two sides. Like Dr. Jekyll do not let the evil side take over and make life miserable. Having this battle of good versus evil with one’s self is an extremely problematic matter to endure. …show more content…

Jekyll, happy and generous, is more enjoyable than being Mr. Hyde, angry and short tempered. We all have a Dr. Jekyll and a Mr. Hyde side inside of us. It is easier to become Mr. Hyde when something frustrating or sad happens since that is a natural reaction. But if being Hyde becomes a natural thing all the time, this can be unhealthy, emotionally and physically. The anger and frustration would take over one’s self. Dr. Jekyll in this novella turns into Hyde too often and this leads him to spontaneously turn into Hyde at the worst moments. This makes all his friends nervous and scared. So, being evil all the time is not healthy, it’s better to know how to control the evil

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