Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde Supernatural Analysis

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Supernatural events have been intertwined in a large portion of Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. This story would be nothing without the encounters with supernatural. Supernatural is defined as beyond the measure and explanation of Science. To give some background information, In Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, we start off with four main characters. The four main characters are Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde, Mr. Lanyon, and Mr. Utterson. Mr. Utterson is a lawyer who is trying to figure out the mystery that consists of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Mr. Hyde murders a person early in the story and Utterson is attempting to figure out why Jekyll would let a murderer live with him. The reader finds out in the last chapter of the story that Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are actually the same person who’s wrestling with a supernatural, dual-personality life.…show more content…
Lanyon is friends with Mr. Utterson and Dr. Jekyll. As for Robert Louis Stevenson, was born in Europe in 1950. Much of Stevenson’s works have gothic or Victorian era characteristics. His is because he was raised in a time when Victorian literature and gothic literature were very popular. One characteristic of gothic literature is supernatural events or beings, thus, it is only expected his writings will feature supernatural events and beings. This leads the reader to believe that several supernatural events took place during this novel. Stevenson successfully intertwines the characteristics of gothic literature such as characters encountering supernatural creatures or events and characters being bound by a curse or haunted by the past to achieve the purpose of telling the Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr.
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