Dr. Mae Jomson's Major Accomplishments

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“Memorizing and regurgitating are not science. Real science is a constant investigation of the unknown.” (Abhijit Naskar). Scientific knowledge, although advanced, has many more discoveries to go. People all throughout history have contributed to the body of scientific knowledge, adding new information learned from their investigations. Without these investigations, many things might have never been discovered. In the time of Black History Month, i want to shine the light of black scientists who have contributed to the body of scientific knowledge. To the men and woman of color who broke boundaries and went above expectations, and added to the world’s knowledge. In this essay, I want to shine the light on Dr. Mae Jemison. Dr. Mae Jemison …show more content…

Mae Jemison has had many achievements and accomplishments in science. “At 36 years old, she became the first African American woman to go into space. Dr. Jemison was the science mission specialist on the flight.”(Biography-Dr. Mae C. Jemison). Jemison’s role on her trip to space was very important. She was a science mission specialist, meaning she held a position that only certain NASA astronauts could have. .”Mission specialists were generally assigned from the astronaut office pool to a limited field of a specific mission, such as those related to medical or engineering experiments.”(Mission Specialist-Wikipedia). This shows that her position alone was a tremendous accomplishment. During the shuttle mission she conducted experiments in life sciences, material sciences, and was co-investigator in the bone cell research experiment. “On September 12, 1992, she went to space aboard the ‘Endeavour.’ Deemed ‘Mission STS47’ this was the 50th mission for the space shuttle program. Jemison performed experiments regarding weightlessness and motion sickness. She also conducted an experiment to determine how tadpoles develop in zero gravity. She spent 190 hours in space before returning to Earth on September 20th.”( The Famous People- mae Jemison-Biography). Jemison advanced scientific knowledge by doing these experiments. As we know experiments help prove or disprove of a hypothesis, meaning she had new notions and beliefs she wanted to test, therefore, by conducting experiments on these various topics, she helped other scientists(and contributed to their knowledge and science) whilst also adding to the body of scientific knowledge. Thus, Dr. Mae Jemison has had many achievements and accomplishments in science. Furthermore, Mae Jemison had impacts on

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