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It was a cold and chilly December night in New Mexico. I, having not a care in the world, decided to warm up my bones with a nice cup of joe at the local IHOP restaurant. Everything was going to plan right until the waitress brought my coffee. I dropped my menu and my jaw. She may as well have been the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. Her shipshape smile was accompanied by purposfully messy hair. She introduced herself as Ana and took my order. As I waited for my food, I couldn't help but to think of her. I had never seen someone so ruggedly lovely. Her face was troublesome yet kind. Her walk was painful yet graceful. I knew then and there, that I needed to know more of this greivous angel.

It was January now and the winter was slowly passing by. I must admit that I had frequented the very same IHOP, hoping to run into a certain someone again. Unfortunately, I never did. It was a Saturday …show more content…

Believe me, Shakespeare is much better at those than I am. For me, this is actually a positive story. Fate took us both in separate directions and that's simply part of life. I cherish the time we spent together and the unusual impact she left on me. But more importantly, I learned a lot from our winter romance. Firstly, I learned that you can't change someone unless they want to change themselves. There was a vain part of me that thought maybe I could break Ana away from her addiction. But the truth be told, she didn't want to give it up, at least not then. Secondly, I learned that life is full of surprises. A late night coffee run turned into a friend with a lasting impact on me. And lastly, I learned to appreciate people in my life a little bit more. You never know when someone might be taken from you, so I think it's best to enjoy every moment of time you get with them. Tonight, before I lay my head down, I'm going to make sure that the people I love know that they are. La vie en

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