Dramatic Monologue Essay

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All the people gathered up near a room and saw a strange thing.

A chair was lying on the floor with rope over the arms of the chair and everything around the room was lying here and there.

Shirley walked towards the chair as if she found something; she leaned and turned to the inspector.

She was holding a bracelet which had silver beads, name imprinted on it, the name was CLAIRE and dry blood stains were on the beads.

"Is this Claire's Bracelet" Inspector asked.

"Yes, I gifted her when I went on a trip for my business meeting" Shirley handed it over to the inspector.

"This bracelet has blood stains...Claire was hurt by the kidnappers" Shirley cupped her mouth and controlled her tears.

"We are again left clueless" Shirley went out of …show more content…

Shirley grabbed her hand and pulled her towards and gave her a tight slap that made warden fall on ground.

Shirley made her stand "I told you before, now you would have big locks to your hostel and nice case against you"

"Take her for interrogation" inspector ordered his cops and was accompanied by Shirley to the station


Warden was brought to station and was questioned.

"Why did you do this...,Did you have any kind of enmity with Claire or Shirley" inspector asked.

"I did this for money" warden answered.

"For whom did you do this work" Shirley asked pouring her anger out.

"I was asked to do this work by ..." warden was interrupted by a cop.

"Sir, we have news for you" one of the cops entered

"What's the news" inspector asked

"Sir, we have a found a body of a girl who is matching with Claire's description" cop said

Shirley broke into tears and started yelling.

"NO NO!! This is not possible" Shirley took warden in her hand and slapped her tightly again.

"You killed my daughter!!.. I won't leave you alive" Shirley hold wardens neck that made warden suffocate, police tried to pull back

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