Emmett Till Case Study

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Throughout history the differences found in human beings have created multitude of problems in society. Today, problems are directed towards a person’s race and ethnicity. People of different color, race, and ethnicity are often discriminated towards, and result in the segregation of culture groups. There are many examples of this found throughout case trials since the twentieth century and beyond. The Emmett Till case, for example, demonstrates the outcome of having a jury that is all from the same ethnicity, and allows common people to understand the effect this has on the justice system. Scottsboro Boys court, is another example of this. The Westminster’s officer trial and the Bass Pro trial shows how equality has changed,and how it has …show more content…

In the year of 1955, Emmett Till had been brutally murdered by the suspected Roy Bryant and J. W. Milam. On August 20, Till had gone to stay for two-weeks with his relatives in the town of Money, Mississippi. Four days after arriving to Money, Emmett and some of his relatives drove to the local grocery and meat market. In the grocery store, Emmett Till had pursued flirting with the cashier, Carolyn Bryant, and even grabbed her by the waist. Once outside the store, Till had even whistled at the cashier, something not acceptable for African-Americans to do towards whites at this time. Talk had spread around the town, and Carolyn’s husband, Roy Bryant, had just returned home from a trip to Texas. Bryant then heard what had happened to his wife, and he quickly demanded to know who had done it. Roy asked Carolyn what had happened, but she denied that any confrontation between the two had occurred. Realizing that her denial angered her husband, Carolyn finally confessed to Roy about what had taken place. Roy along with his half-brother, John W. Milam, planned to kidnap Till and teach him a lesson. Once Bryant and Milam had finally got ahold of Till, they took him to Milam’s barn, where they then murdered the fourteen-year-old boy. The two men then threw Till’s body into the Tallahatchie River with barbed wire and a fan tied to his neck. Three days later, a boy fishing had seen feet sticking out of the water. The body was then pulled out from the river, bloated and beaten. After a day of Till’s disappearance, Bryant and Milam had been arrested for the abduction of the boy. They both had admitted to taking Till, but they claimed they left him in Money. Both men had been accused not guilty with an all white jury. According to the article, a defense attorney had stated, “After the jury was chosen, any first-year law student could have won the case” (Emmett). This case trial was one of the

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