Ms. Gertrude Carter: A Case Study

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On 5/28/15 worker visited the home of Ms. Toni Perkins, for the purpose of getting Ms. Gertrude Carter and Floyd Carter removed from the home during the pick-up order on Ms. Victoria Carter. Worker asked Ms. Perkins to call Ms. Gertrude Carter and ask if she and Floyd would go with her to Dollar General. Ms. Perkins became very emotional and stated "I can 't lie to my mother." At this time, her husband entered the room and stated, "Do something because they don 't need to be around when that happens." Ms. Perkins continued to cry and stated, "I don 't know what to do." Mr. Perkins then suggest that his oldest daughter call and tell Ms. Gertrude Carter that she was coming over to pick up her and Floyd and bringing them over to the house to
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