Dreaming Forward: Latino Voices Enhance The Mosaic Summary

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Book Review Paper Questions A-1 In Dreaming Forward: Latino Voices Enhance the Mosaic by Martha E. Casazza, we read about different challenges and experiences many Latinos face in the education system, communities, and families. College student, Fabian, his problem in the school system was the lack of support and resources he had to face at his high school. “Going to school was like walking into a prison, where the environment is so negative people don’t respect you; people look down on you. There’s no encouragement.” Fabian describes the teachers, counselors, and administrators as unsupportive which ultimately caused him to lose interest in school. The lack of motivation caused him to drop out of school for a while but then after seeing how things were, he went back to school. Fabian firmly believes educators should support students so they can become successful and also improve their …show more content…

For Fernando, he had no idea what to do to get an education. He was the oldest of the family and had no help because no one else in his family has tried getting an education after high school. He tried getting help from the school but had no luck until the school received a new college graduate counselor who helped Fernando every step of the way. He truly believes he wouldn’t have got it to college if it wasn’t for her. Rocio encountered a school that didn’t challenge her enough which made it hard for her when it was time to go to college. Rocio describes her classes being very basic and taught in Spanish which made her feel very comfortable. But after realized that she wished the system would have challenged her in English so she could be prepared for further education instead of simple catering her language. She hopes they challenge other students because, in the long run, it’s worth

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