Dreams In Alan Watt's The Dream Of Life

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What does it mean to dream? Well, I believe dreams will always remain a mystery of phenomenons that science will never be able to explain. However, we can interpret our dreams in many different aspects. Philosophers, such as Alan Watts, interpret dreams in an interesting way, such as it being an adventure (The Dream of Life). From this, I’d like to think of dreams as adventures for our minds; we’re subconsciously wandering to a new adventure every time we decide to rest our eyes. Watt’s analyzes dreams as a structure that implies the opposite; “black implies white, self implies other, and life implies death,” but, I believe to dream, means to wander. With Watt’s short excerpt of dream analysis, from his The Dream of Life, I decided to not only analyze his analysis, but to interpret dreams as a form of a subconscious stroll, that can lead from one thing to another. …show more content…

As humans, we like to wander physically, emotionally, and mentally. I believe that to wander, means that we either re-live a moment, or discover something new. Dreams to me are something similar, it’s a way for our mind to wander without us physically moving. But, to wander, also means that we must wander freely, we must dream freely to really experience that very nature of wandering. When I think of the term “to wander,” I see myself as a free floating octopus that roams the sea, embedding itself with the environment, and letting nature take over it’s very body. And this is how I also interpret dreams. Dreams let us wander to be adventurous, to let us remember something, but to find something new along our

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