Importance Of The American Dream For Survival Essay

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“I think that the american dream for most people is just survival”, much like Sandy Scholl I say most people’s american dream is survival. Survival is defined as the state or fact of continuing to live or exist especially in spite of difficult conditions. The american dream our founding father gave america is the freedom to honestly pursue one’s goals. Material gain is only a fruit of freedom, not its root. Our pursue of happiness is a difficult condition, as is survival the one of the roots to freedom. Think of your ancestors and how difficult situations and conditions were to even reach their dream to get to America. My american dream is to survive in the tough world. From the beginning of time America was and still is a hard place to survive in or even get into. Native Americans are one example of how it is to survive on american soil even before it was america. Native Americans were the first ones to face the rapid changes that America…show more content…
First, you must make plan to survive with the different people around you. For example, as a child you live with someone that is over you and makes your harder decisions. As you get older little by little you gain responsibility for yourself and maybe another living bean. Secondly, you have to determine what your all time success will be. This could be a career, family life, or even fame. These three primary series of questions is the path to survival. Survival has its ups and downs in America, but it is all worth it in the end. A dream is something no should or want to give up on. A dream is a purious part of us that was a gift from a higher power. Dreams have been throughout history to make america and our world a better place to survive in. Dreaming is a huge part of surviving the world’s hardships, so we should be able to stand on the with a iron fist and have a lion’s hand to knock down anything that come between our dreams and plans to achieve survival in our

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