Dreams Of My Mother Rhetorical Analysis

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Anna March writer of “Dreams of My Mother” visions Hillary Clinton the first female president to take office. After her grandmother’s, tragic passing March’s determination to fulfill the dreams of her grandmothers and for women of generations to put Hillary Clinton in office. Throughout her essay, March’s uses the appeal of emotion in many ways to let her audience to receive her message. With the use of the pathos rhetoric appeal March presents her point across and makes the reader’s feel emotional through reading her essay, or as if one feeling attacked by the use of her wording. In her essay “Dreams of My Mother,” Anna March predominantly uses emotional appeal to attack white men as if it’s their fault to why Hillary Clinton lost the presidential …show more content…

March persist fulfilling her grandmother’s dreams and for all women through the generations. March uses this appeal for her audience to feel sadness while reading this essay about how her grandmother passing, and how all she wanted for Hillary Clinton to appear in office for women across America. In her essay she notes, “We’d lost Mary, but we could win for women” (March 2). As a reader, this quote makes one feel as if sad for March and how she wants Hillary Clinton in office for the sake of her deceased grandmother. One may feel as if she uses this type of style to create empathy for her through her readers. Van Kleef, a social psychologist observes that “…more positive attitudes about various topics after seeing a source’s sad expressions when topics are negatively framed” (Kleef 1). This proves that by using her grandmother’s departure through her essay she provokes emotion from her readers. March states, “Mom was exhausted after a year of caring for her mother, and I was crying relentlessly—but still, we went, compelled to do something with our grief" (March 2). This quote will additionally make one feel as if sorry for the loss of her grandmother and the dreams she possesses for not only herself but for the generations of her family. By using the death of her grandmother, as a reader, it makes one feel as if sad for not having enough votes to put Hillary Clinton in office. Furthermore, the different strategies March uses to create emotion she also uses to first person point of view and illustrations

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