History of Drug Abuse and its Effects on the Body

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General Purpose: To Inform Specific Purpose: To inform the audience about the drug abuse in the United States both throughout history and currently. Central Idea: The War on Drugs was first brought up on 1971 by Richard Milhous Nixon our 37th president. The budget to initiate the war on drugs was roughly 100,000,000 million dollars, currently as we speak for every 21 seconds a drug arrest is taking place in the United States according to drugpolicy.org. Introduction: Attention Getter: Imagine arriving home early from school only to see your sibling lying on the ground. You notice that next to them lies a lighter and a baggie with some sort of crystal substance, while in his left arm a needle is still inserted inside. What's your immediate response? Will you panic? Who are you gonna call? There still might be a small chance in helping your sibling survive. This could have been avoided, but in today's society, people are to ignorant or look for help when it's too late. Introduce Topic: Today, I'll be talking about three …show more content…

The reason people love the way cocaine feels is because of its feeling of euphoria the increase of energy levels and elevated mood of self esteem. In accordance to drugabuse.com short term side effects of using cocaine are, Paranoia, Dizziness, Muscle twitches, Dilated pupils, High body temperature, loss of sexual appetite. In addition the long term effects of cocaine include rectal functions from eating cocaine, could end up getting HIV from using the same needle again or with another person, Heart attacks, Constant nose bleeds, Strokes and even Seizures. Alternative names used among the streets are, Coke, Toot, Base, Powder, Candy, White, Flake, Basa, Rail, Snow, Bump, Yeyo and the list goes on. Transition: Now that you have learned about, Cocaine and its detrimental consequences, lets transition into something that will give you the muchines if you guessed Marijuana you are right! III. Background History

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