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The two superpowers formed huge military forces and amassed massive stockpiles of nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction. Although the two sides never actually went to war, the United States was drawn into the bloody Korean and Vietnam wars by its policy of containment. The Cold War came to an end when the Soviet Union disintegrated after it became exhausted economically because of competing with the West. The situation left America as the world’s only remaining superpower that did not have to put too much effort to contain the rise of communism. To understand how President Trump is likely to change the Post-World War II system of International Governance, it is worth looking at what it actually is. According to Andreasen (101), global governance can be defined as ‘the manner in which world affairs are managed’. Considering that nothing like global government exists, this governance typically involves a wide variety of actors such as states as well as international and regional organizations. All in all, a single organization is usually given a leading role in a certain issue, for instance, the World Trade Organization (WTO) is tasked with managing global trade …show more content…

Since that time, they have dealt with numerous challenges that arose within the second half of the twentieth century in many significant ways. They include decolonization, global security, the end of the Cold War, global poverty, and environmental threats. As a direct product of globalization, global governance has progressively strengthened the notion of justice as a common feature of modern societies. All in all, today’s complicated economic, political and human relations ‘need not only some continuous public forums but they also require obligatory commitments to enhance and extend beyond the arrangements made by intergovernmental institutions since the Second World War came to an end’ (Andreasen,

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