Dystopia In The Divergent

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The human mind being a constant wanderer towards reality failed to accept ‘utopia’ as a mere fiction. Instead they questioned its mere existence. This questioning paved way to another realistic vision which without questioning utopianism was able to walk along side it. This vision was more realistic than utopia itself, an idea where the world struggles to survive after its own devastation. Readers were more comfortable in acknowledging this idea than ‘utopia’. This idea being the exact opposite to utopia was termed ‘dystopia’. Even the writers presented their stories which were set in a future earth which is coping up after being wiped out entirely of its necessary sources of survival. This is where the utopian trend was thoroughly checked …show more content…

They create an ideal world fabricated around the destruction created by mankind. And the world stays tightly under wraps where the truth about its existence is strictly guarded. There prevails an authoritative body that governs that world. Depending on the novel, these groups can be arranged by class, personality, professions, and so on. This allows for more control of a governing body. While the authority in these stories justifies their disturbing actions with the promises of a safer, better, and more perfect life, it is the population that ultimately …show more content…

The city here plays a vital role in bringing out the features of the utopian society. Forming a city as a small, self contained social world offers a sociological view point towards the understanding of its utopian design. The human species has become a dominant one for the first time in planetary history and act as a major force which powerfully modify its landscape in form and substance. The life in the city under study is distinctive as it provides peculiar modern scenario where we see it, is a city built upon the ruins of an old one. “Renovation moves slowly through the city, which is a patchwork of new, clean buildings and old, crumbling ones.”( ) the city has left its impression not only as a mere physical place but also as a characteristic in the unique way of

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