Eagle Outfitters Financial Ratios Paper

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Weekly 2 Upon reading this paper, one will gain a better understanding of American Eagle Outfitters’ financial reports. We will discover when American Eagle Outfitters’ most recent reporting year ended. American Eagle Outfitters’ balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements will be examined. The amount of net income and the amount of revenue for the most recent year will be displayed, along with the company Ernst & Young LLP whom audits American Eagle Outfitters (Bethel, 2017). American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. is a casual apparel company similar to Abercrombie & Fitch (Saunders, Olazábal, Cave, & Sacasas, 2002). American Eagle Outfitters is based out of Delaware and was founded in 1977 (Bethel, 2017). The company has become quite …show more content…

In the B-Form 10-K American Eagle Outfitters’ provided, it displayed two years of complete balance sheets. A balance sheet will display the basic accounting equation, which are assets equals’ liabilities plus stockholders’ equity. Economic resources that a company or corporation owns are known as assets. Liabilities are essentially moneys that a company or corporation owe. Stockholders’ equity can be classified as the amount of funds provided by business owners and the earnings that become reinvested into the company (Bethel, …show more content…

The cash flow statement shows how cash comes in and disperses out from the financing, investing, and operating groups over a period of time. The heading in the statement of cash flows is similar to that of the balance sheet, income statement, and statement of stockholders’ equity by displaying the name of the entity, title of the statement, specific date of the statement, and unit of measure. Cash flows from operating, investing, and financing activities, positive or negative, over the change in cash plus the beginning cash balance, gives accountants the ending cash balance (Bethel,

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