Hcs/531 Week 4 Health Care Paper

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When being placed in the role of a manager, it is important to understand the finances of the organization and how to read and understand the recording of finances. It is also important to understand how all the different parts of the records fit together to give us the knowledge of where the business is financially. Knowing also the different responsibility centers related to financial recording and how they function is important as a manager. Once a manager understands what and where items belong on a balance sheet, they will better understand the state that the business is in. “It provides you with a picture of the financial health of your practice or organization on a certain date.” (Arnow & Xakellis, 2001). Assets An asset is any item or property that can be considered to have value, owned by a person or business, in this case we will deal with that of the health care business area. “Cash, accounts receivable, notes receivable, and inventory are …show more content…

Increasing costs all around the globe due to economic downfalls is making this issue even more challenging. It is vital that we have some focus on revenue, but we can’t lose focus on the costs of running a business. In health care this can be very challenging because of all the changes involved with the government, in laws regarding health care reform. “Understanding the total costs of services will allow the redeployment of resources which provide a higher payback, or will facilitate the elimination of those resources altogether.” (Hughes, 2011). Responsibility centers are put into place to control costs by looking at the revenue and the expenses to minimize the overall costs. There may be managers in responsibility centers overseeing certain services rendered by the organization, but there will be a manger of a larger responsibility center reviewing and being responsible for all those responsibility

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