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Assessment Essay Editha by William Dean Howells begins the story by making it know to the reader know what Editha thought about the war. “The air was thick with the war feeling, like the electricity of a storm which has not yet burst. Editha sat looking out into the hot spring afternoon, with her lips parted, and panting with the intensity of the question whether she would let him go “(Howells 376) by this it shows that Editha was very excited and happy about the war, but some part of her was aroused by the fact her lover can be the man she want him to be. The first thing that popped in her mind was her lover George. Her ideals were symbolized as inspirational of romance to her since she wanted the person who was to marry her be worthy of her love, to be a hero to people and to her. While George in the other hand despised it even more than liked it. His…show more content…
First complication she encountered was George acting strange because the thought of war made him into a stranger that the man she once loved will be change and what was going on in George’s mind was his duty he has to give to his country and Edithas love. But still she manipulated him still into doing things her way and promising her that he will never drink again “Promise me,” she commanded that you’ll never teach it again!”(Howells 381) “You don’t belong to your country, and you have a sacred charge to keep yourself strong and well for your country sake” (Howells 381) Georges death surprises her; never in her mind did it cross her mind that her loved one could die. But she remembered her duty that George had told her before he was sent off to war “If anything happens to me I want you to help my mother out “ (Howells 382) As she meet Mr. and Mrs. Gearson they scolded her for sending George away. Editha ideals of war were different from George’s because of her George is dead. Because he loves her enough to sacrifice his well-being for
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