Effects Of Artificial Intelligence On Society

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Since Artificial Intelligence (AI) has positive effects on society and has improved greatly throughout the years, its improvement and positive effects benefit society greatly. AI Agents provide aid and help in many different societal fields such as communications, jobs and health. The aim to create non-biological intelligence has been with us for many years and has improved with the improvement of science and technology in the community. This paper discusses the positive impact AI has on a country’s position, economic and social development, the improvement of the way scientists believe AI should have throughout the years and its benefits to humanity in many different fields.

Positive effects of Artificial Intelligence that could affect our
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AI is computer systems that are able to perform and think almost like a human being. So they are robots that can act like a human being by showing emotions and thinking. Before machines were invented, scientists were experimenting and trying to find ways to create an intelligent human life. After the invention of machines, it was reasonable to think of it as designing intelligence instead of creating it. Some AI texts show that their authors view AI and it improvement as a set of design problems that human designers are expected to fix. Lee Spector uses Darwin’s theory of evolution to argue that Artificial Agents could have an impact on their improvement in the future, since the idea that AI will improve by itself was discussed in the past. He argues that agents that learn, grow or “redesign themselves to some limited extent”[3] best achieve intelligent behavior. Since Intelligent Agents are most likely to know what could improve their performance and just like humans they can detect where their flaws are and where to go to fix them. However, Elizabeth Wilson discusses the need of emotions in AI. She mentions a research in the mid 1990s that argued the importance of Emotional Intelligence (EI) in AI, “cohabitation of affect and artificially has been evident in AI from the very beginning”[4]. Having Agents that can express emotion makes agents more flexible,…show more content…
People use AI in their daily life, whether it is by using their smart phone or Laptop. Each device contains a program or codes that make our lives easier. The IPhone created by Apple© is a great example of AI in our phones. The IPhone contains Siri, a responsive program that can understand what humans are saying and takes action based on their words. The keyboard in an IPhone is designed to predict what you want to type and give word suggestions to complete the sentence you are typing based on its prediction. The camera in an IPhone can detect faces and recognize them to focus the picture on humans easily. All these technology improvements can all be combined in one agent and result in an improved and great Artificial Intelligent machine. Beyond the influences in our daily life, Artificial Intelligence is playing a major role in science and medicine; it is used to help doctors understand which patient is at more risk and to make surgeries easier and more successful by helping doctors. AI algorithms have been applied to successfully solve Engineering problems, and are being used to help in building machines since they can easily predict an error that humans may not pay attention to. AI can help us achieve specific goals more efficiently by suggesting and giving ideas. Artificial Intelligence has “shaped the way we are living”[4] whether it is socially or scientifically it has formed great importance in our
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