John Bowlby´s Attachment Theory: What´s Attachment Theory?

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INTRO Attachment theory is the idea that a child needs to form a close relationship with at least one primary caregivers , this theory provided that attachment is necessary to ensure successful social emotional development of an infant. This is a very crucial stage in occurs in the early infant years this factors relationships with the child and the primary child care giver. In this case the parents and the educator can share the primary role. John Bowlby began researching after he graduated, he believed the attached processed involved the cognitive emotional and social features of attachment. Stating four different style of attachment and how they can all have leading factors as well as long term affects. Bowlby’s evolution theory of attachment states children are almost “pre programmed” to form attachment’s in order to survive what kind of attachment they will form now that really depends on the care giver . Body 1 To begin we have secure attachment this attachment style is classified as children who show some distress …show more content…

He provided the four attachment styles , Ainsworth then built up upon the foundation of attachment .( Attachment Theory , 2016 ) Like Bowlby Ainsworth she believed in Homeostatic systems but she took the research further with the strange situation With a failure of the intimal attachment can result in long term effects of the child’s development . Care givers pay a crucial part in the development of a child its important that they always tend to the child’s needs in an appropriate manner so that the child can have a healthy bond and development through infancy into adult hood .( Firestone ,2013) Its evident through research and studies that attachment is important for the caregiver and most importantly the infant . ( McLead ,

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