Paul Bernardo's Application Of Attachment Theory

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To begin with, criminologist work with several reasons, concepts and theories that

include several surveys or researches. These methods imply in several cases such as serial killers,

sexual assaults and crimes in general. In Paul Bernardo’s case, a serial killer/rapist would be

useful as an example that criminologist could use towards using different concepts and theories

such as the attachment theory. Criminologists who study this theories, well know a right nor

wrong theory exist, in contrast, whichever fits and it’s been well researched becomes considered

to be useful. The attachment theory accommodates to figure out the how and why Paul Bernardo

committed those crimes. What is the attachment theory?, The attachment theory is a …show more content…

After the major

influence of the past and supportive decisions by Paul’s wife, Paul Bernardo started to walk late

at night around his neighbourhood following his victims- “thinking it would be cool”.

Criminologist found that these victims were usually young white females, 15-21 years of age.

Another notable similarity among the victims was their small physical stature, ranging from 5’1″

and 95 pounds to 5’3″ and 135 pounds. Dutton, Starzomski, Saunders, and Bartholomew (1994)

explained that an individual could suffer from different phases of attachments, including secure

fearful, preoccupied and angry attachment (p.1367). Not only these type of attachments relate to

Paul Bernardo but also to his wife, Karla Homolka. At the present time, Paul Bernardo, known as

the Scarborough rapist, currently holds a life imprisonment for the killing of Tammy

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