Effects Of Judgement In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Everyone of us, has judged a person on their appearance or rumors before. How much of your lives are affected by these judgements, could they ruin a friendship or something more before it even starts. Jem and Scout learn the effects of judging people before you get to know them In to kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. One major theme of the book is don't judge a person on their skin color, reputation, or rumors. Actions speak louder than words in this book and some could even save lives.
Arthur “Boo” Radley was one of the people that were judged in this book without a reason. Scout, Jem ,and Dill all made “Boo” Radley out to be this homicidal ghost that never comes out of his house all based on rumor that they were told. They had never spoke let alone see Arthur in their lives and we're making assumptions about him. After Jem and Scout found the “gifts” in the tree they felt guilty for a while that they were taking someone's stuff. Then they realized someone was leaving it there for them. Later in the book they put it together, that Arthur left them …show more content…

It depicted his own fate when people judged him on his skin color. He was beyond innocent in the case but, convicted anyway, the jury didn’t care about the lack of evidence they were determined to send him to jail. Due to the time period people often discriminated against black not just judged them. If Tom Robinson was white there wouldn’t have been a case in the first place. Tom had a re-trailing coming up but he knew there was no way that a jury would say he was innocent, so Tom made his decision and tried to escape from jail and ended up getting shot. He knew that he would be judged and convicted no matter what anyone said or did. “Atticus say ‘I guess Tom Was tired of the white man's chances and prefers to take his own’” (Lee 315). Tom wanted to make one decision for himself that wasn't affected by people judging him by his skin color, in the end it cost him his

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